Welcome to Sweatershoppe.com!

What we do? We sell sweaters, woolens and more. Mostly sweaters and woolens. I hope we have something for you to keep warm. Are we missing anything? Let us know.

How it all started. I bought a really nice looking as well as warm to wear Norwegian sweater. Later in the same year my local public tv station broadcasted a great cooking series set in Norway - www.scandcook.com. They have another website now: www.newscandcook.com. I was so taken by the beauty of Norway and Scandinavia that I took a trip there the following summer of August 2004. Around this time I was looking to start my own business. The company was formed as a result of wanting to sell quality sweaters and woolens from various countries. Sweatershoppe.com is a business operation with goals of selling sweaters, keeping people warm, making people happy and earning income.

Methods of Payment:
  • Credit Card
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  • Cash

    Special Orders:

    If you know of an item from a fashion company that you would like for the upcoming season. Contact me and I will try my best to get the item for you.

    Thank you! 

  • Finse Norway Photo
    photo: Finse, Norway - www.finse.no             
    Information Links On Visiting Scandinavia

    Finse Norway photo, Finse Norway photograph. Norway glacier Hardangerjokulen photo. Hardangervidda Norway plateau photo. Along the Oslo Bergen railway line. Scenic lookout location overlook, Finse Norway. Norway tour photo, Norway in a Nutshell. Finse hyta (hut) or hytta.