How To use the Shopping Cart! You can use the shopping cart to pre-shop without making a purchase or revealing any personal information. Use the shopping cart to figure out cost and shipping amounts. If at a later point you would like to purchase, some relevant info. would be required.
When using the cart please list each item individually without using a quantity more than once. Shipping fees are not always listed in the body of each item on the website. It will appear once you add an item to the cart. And then as a subtotal amount for additional items. There are a few items in the gift section where the ship fee is built into the price.
We do not use any cookies on our website. Nor do we track any of of your visits to our website. Our site is Secure. Credit card numbers at the time of purchase go directly to the credit card processor. We do not ever see your credit card number and can not store it anywhere. "The Paypal shopping cart is the fastest and easiest cart checkout I've ever used. How do I know, I had a customer call and ask me to do the checkout process for her." Dave.

Methods of Payment:
  • Credit Card
  • Money Order
  • Paypal
  • Cash

    Questions? Contact me. Thank you!