All shipping prices on our website at this time are for USA delivery only. That includes all of our sweaters from Ireland which are priced accordingly with a shipping charge of 24.99. If you live outside of the USA and are planning on making a purchase, send us an email and we can figure out your shipping cost to your country. Canada delivery is only a few dollars more.
If you need to return one of our Irish sweaters for some reason. We refund the full shipping cost minus local shipping. Example: you are charged $24.99 shipping on an Irish sweater of ours. You live in Chicago. The local shipping from our door in NJ, US to your door in NY, US is $9.99; your refund is $15.00. Returns do require a lot of work also. Or another example: You live in California. The local shipping from our door in NJ, USA to your door in 90210, USA is $11; your refund is either $13.99 or $14.00 rounded. For any other questions you may call at any time or email us.


Sweater Shoppe will do its best to get back to you as soon as possible.