Why buy at Sweatershoppe.com? We work hard for you for one reason. And we need your business. Especially now in hard times. The small business, mom & pop shop's, etc. have a hard time competing with big corporations for a small piece of the earth's bounty. I'd like to have more product made closer to home if possible. Most of the food we eat in America is grown here. Why can't more clothing and apparel be made here in the USA.

We offer discounted prices and great customer service. If we've spent 2-4 weeks helping you, please don't buy elsewhere for the sake of a $5 price difference.

I recently had the opportunity to make a custom sweater for a customer. I was given the option of using a lower priced wool. I could of made $15 profit. Being a church goer, I opted to skip the greed factor and go with the better quality wool. Behind sweatershoppe.com there is a human with a soul. You actually get to talk with the owner. We are not some large
credit card company trying to make money off of you dishonestly

Thanks for visiting sweatershoppe.com. Dave.